Moving from MomAndPopShop to HotShotShop - I-140/H-1B transfer question


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Hi there,

I am currently with an employer, let's call them, 'MomAndPopShop (MAPS)'. I have been with them for 6.5 years now and here is my visa timeline:
1. Joined them on an OPT in 2010
2. First H-1B visa term: 2011 - 2014
3. Second H-1B visa term: 2014 - 2017
4. Got I-140 approval in October 2016. They did not do concurrent filing so I-485 has not been filed. The priority date is sometime in June 2016.
5. Got H-1B extension for 3 years on the basis of I-140 approval and the new/ongoing H-1B term is 2017 - 2020

Now, I have an offer on the table to join a different employer, let's call them, 'HotShotShop (HSS)'.
My new job would have some similarity but it would depend on how the new employer's attorney would draft job responsibilities.

Given my current immigration status, can you please explain what HotShotShop would need to do so I can work for them? Is there a dependency on having "similar" job?

More specifically:
1. Would HSS need to take the following steps in the following order -
- apply for my H-1B transfer. Is there an 180 days wait period (after I-140 approval date) for that? Is there a dependency for 180 days wait period for my joining date?
- apply PERM, apply I-140, and I-485. Could anything be ported over from the previous employer GC application?
2. I am guessing that my priority date would get carried over. Please confirm.
3. HSS once told me that they may wait for 18 months to file for my GC. will that cause any issue in porting over priority date, H-1B visa extension or GC filing?

Many thanks,