Most Important::: USA Employer applies my TN status by their own.........


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I am Canadian and I got job offer from USA employer. They got all docs ( passport , degree , transcript , driving license and canadian citizenship certificate etc) from me to apply TN status for me by themselves.

My question are that:::

1) Is it good if employer apply TN status for me? If it is not good then should I tell my employer i myself will apply at POE.

2) If employer based submission for TN is approved then should I again bring all original docs including offer letter plus supporting letter to POE at the time entry to USA?

@nelsona : Please guide me becuase suggestions are so supportive.


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You should bring all TN documentation when you get an first TN approved by mail I-129, as it will be re-adjudicated there. CBP does not always trust the CIS decision, as has the right to overturn.