More Chinese students studying in the US


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China Top Source of International Students in US

This has made China as the top source nation for international students in the US.

An annual report by the Institute of International Education titled ‘Open Doors’ reveals that the year 2009-10 saw arrival of 690,923 foreign students coming to the US and out of them, nearly 18 percent(around 128,000) were Chinese students.

This reveals a rise of 30 percent in the number of Chinese moving to the US for studying there as compared to the figures for the previous year. And it was in the year 2010 when China overtook India as the top source of international students to the US.

There appears to have emerged a new wave of immigration from China to other developed nations including the US, Canada and so on.

The number of overseas students enrolled in US universities and US colleges has gone up by 3 percent in the same year.


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And according to statistics I heard on NPR 99% stay after graduating, legally or illegally.

So if you can't find a job this may be the reason.