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Missing w2

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by Bobbytx, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    Thanks in advance.

    Have been a resident for 8.5 years, got laid off from sponsor 3 months after gc was received.

    I have lost the w2 from sponsor and pay stubs, cannot find them. I do have the laid off separation papers and every single tax return and w2 since.

    Will this be a problem. Also got a ticket for more than 500 dollars other than that no other record.

    Please help.
  2. Dedo

    Dedo Registered Users (C)

    So you lost the W2 from 8 years ago? Shouldn't be an issue. You have the tax return from that year to back that up
  3. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    I might have the tax retun, the irs said they only had 7 years. I dont knwo what to do. How many taxes do i need.
  4. Dedo

    Dedo Registered Users (C)

    YOu dont even need to have more than 5 years. The only thing that can raise suspicion is if they think that you quit right after your GC, but you have separation papers to prove no foul play there. You will be fine. Take the last 3-5 yrs of tax returns with you
  5. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    I do have laidoff separation letter from sponsor due to slow business... After 3 months of gc.

    Thanks dedo
  6. Dedo

    Dedo Registered Users (C)

    Then you are good. Come to think of it, I only took 3 years with me. No need to take 5 unless you think there is a reason to
  7. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    Just don't volunteer information unless they ask you about it specifically. If they ask you if you worked for the GC sponsoring company after receiving your GC, you should say yes. If they ask how long, that's when you tell them the details about being downsized after 3 months. Don't volunteer more info than you need to. Regarding employment history, you're only asked to list the last five years' worth of employment.
  8. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    I also stayed on the same line of work (similar but not exactly equal) for the last 8.5 years. So I am just going to take the separation papers and list the job tittle as it is and see how it goes.

    Another question, well 2

    1. I did have a traffic ticket (speeding on a work zone) , being in a work zone fines were double and it came up more than 500. Do I have to release that info in the app.

    2. Do I need a letter from my current employer stating my duties on my current job? How about previous jobs?
  9. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    bump for answers, deeply appreciated
  10. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    They don't care about W2s. You are fine if you have tax transcripts from the last 5 years in case they ask. You need to state the traffic ticket and make sure to have proof that you paid it. No need to have any statements about work duties.
  11. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    Any idea about the ticket. It was a speeding ticket but in a work zone so I ended up paying double the fines (like 685) How do I handle that? I paid it.

    Oh I just saw the answer above sorry. It is this ticket like an arrest? I was not arrested.
  12. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)

    It's nothing like an arrest. It's just a traffic ticket. However, the USCIS specifically asks to provide documentation relating to traffic tickets in excess of $500. All you have to do is supply proof of payment.
  13. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    Another question, my ex wife got her greencard with mine but we have since divorced. Do i need to include the divorce decree as well?
  14. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    Applicants who got divorced or married after obtaining their green card will usually be asked for the marriage certificate or divorce decree in the naturalization interview. Bring it to the interview, don't send it with the application.
  15. Bobbytx

    Bobbytx Registered Users (C)

    Good news, I was cleaning the house as I have the day off and found two old paystubs for the last 2 pay periods of employment with the sponsor! I will take that with me as well.

    Still no w2, lost it but I believe this will suffice.
  16. txwarrior

    txwarrior New Member

    Did you get Citizenship with 3 months pay stubs ?

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