Missing previous I-20


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Hi, I need some quick help.

I got I-20 with OPT authorization yesterday from my school.

I was ready for all my documentation, but I just realize that I missed one.
It was 2 years ago after I got my first OPT authorization then I updated my employer information.

So, briefly about my story is that I got my OPT in bachelor's degree in college A.
I did not find any job at that time but before 90 days end, I found it.
I was talked to my advisor and updated employer information as well, but she did not give a new I-20 with employer information was updated.
However, I asked shortly after that because I could not find I-20.
So, she reprinted, I think.

Then, I decided to go to a master's program with a different college.

Now, this is my last semester, and prepare to send the required documents.

However, I could not find my employer information on the previous I-20 authorization.
I have previous authorization of OPT from college A but without the employer, information is filed in.

Anyone can please help me that is this will be a problem?
I contacted my previous college, but I am not sure that she will find it.
For now, I am trying to search at my house, but I am not 100% sure that I will find that.

Also, which couriers will be more reliable when I send them to Chicago USCIS?
I am thinking UPS but unsure which one will send faster and safer.

Thank you