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missed appointment for finger prints

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by jalaja, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. jalaja

    jalaja New Member

    my appointment was on 23rd sept, but i thought it was 28th sept(vision problem) i saw it again today and found out that i missed my appointment. can somebody tell the worst case scenario and the best case too. i am very tensed.
  2. mendieta

    mendieta Registered Users (C)

    Please relax, you are fine. Read your FP notice, you;ll see that it says that if you can't go on your FP appointment, there are several optional dates (most likely every week after your appointment, same day of the week, same hour). But otherwise, you can go to your closest USCIS ASC (most likely the one mentioned on the notice) anytime annnd get them done. You'll be just fine :)
  3. mrp2612

    mrp2612 Registered Users (C)


    I received 2 FP notices (one to me and one from my attorney). On my notice , i dont see any optional days or dates. All I see is "If you cannot attend the date specified, then reschedule on the next Wed or Saturday".

    Where do you guys see the optional dates. I looked at front and back of the notice. Nothing found.
  4. haoyun04

    haoyun04 Registered Users (C)

    next wed or sat BEFORE the due date on notice ARE the optional days. you can go any date within that range on Wed or Sat (read your notice). Just calculate yourself.
  5. pujar

    pujar Registered Users (C)

    As for my case, due to mailroom errors and delays, I got my fingerprint notice a day after my fingerprint appointment on the notice.
    Being a resident of Boston, I just went to the local ASC and confessed everything honestly to them and they said I would be just fine and they finerprinted me. Know something, I did not even the original fingerprint notice, I just had a photocopy of it and being well aware of all that, they fingerprinted me just fine. So dont worry, just go to your local ASC at the earliest.
  6. SGMN12

    SGMN12 New Member

    Any idea in this case.......

    In my case, we got only 3 days short notice and we were out of station. when we came back, we missed FP. We applied for rescheduling. And according with some friends we went to local office and we explained them the problem. we have the copy of notice. But they didn't accept that. they said you must have to wait until you get notice again.
    It's been 3 weeks still no notice.........please let me know if anybody have any idea
  7. matador2000

    matador2000 Registered Users (C)

    re: Any idea in this case......

    Hi I am in a similar stituation and I am going to postpone my FP since I won't be in town for the appointment. Did you get new date after you postponed. WHich city is your FP notice at. Can you tell me from what you heard if there are any risks involved if FP is postponed.

    My appointment is in Alexandria,VA


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