misdemeanour charges effect on citizenship

We are family of four and three members got citizenship last year. My son who is 20 years old got a ticket for disturbing the peace by violent manner and fistic encounter. He was not arrested and never went before judge. They told him to take pretrial program class as he didn't have any criminal or other record in the past. It was his first one 6 months ago. He paid the fees for taking that class and charges were dismissed after that. I was just wondering if I apply for his citizenship now, would it be any problem? If it could be a problem, then how long should he wait for citizenship? It was misdemeanor charge.


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if he was never arrested and didnt do any jail time he should be fine..
I would just go and get a court certified disposition saying the case was dismissed and disclose on the N-400. No reason to wait.


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no he will not have any problem, there are many reasons for that. get the court certificate for the dismissal of the case and be calm. he will not have any problem.
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