Minor OCI in Lieu of PIO - Part B query


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I am applying for my kids OCI in lieu of PIO issued. Both me and my wife already have OCI. While we both have the OCI details, i do not remember any of the web application details that were submitted like reference number, application date etc.

Part B of the Minor OCI application process is asking me for Reference number and Date when applied:

Have you/any member of your family applied for Overseas Citizen of India registration earlier? * Yes No
If YES, give details:
Reference No.
Date when applied

My OCI card does not have these details. It does have a File Number and Date Issues (not applied).

If anyone else has gone through a similar process for their part B, i would appreciate their inputs.



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The answer is to use File No given in your OCI of the type USAS???????? where ? is a set of digits/alphabets