minimum amount of EB5 investment

Is it true that the minimum amount of EB5 investment will increase from $500 000 to $800 000
in near future ? if so when it would be implemented .

Many thanks in advance
There's a chance it goes up after the April 28th, 2017 deadline. But as you can see, they haven't been too keen on making reforms recently.
Yes there is,
Congress is currently looking to see if increasing it would be a viable option. I have an Eb5 property I can show you if you are still interested. I can provide the TEA.

I have also heard about to increase the minimum investment amount for the EB-5 program to $1.35 million in TEA (targeted employment area) up from $500,000 currently. But, it is not confirmed yet that minimum investment amount is increased. Yes, there is a possibility of increasing investment amount for EB-5 visa in future.
The program is set to expire on 9/30/17. When we approach this date, the government can either pass legislation to reform the program, which would likely include increasing the investment amount to at least $800,000, or they can pass another short-term extension to December. Or they can decide not to reauthorize the program altogether, which is extremely unlikely.

Given how slowly the government works, I have a hard to envisioning new legislation to be passed by September 30th. Therefore, it seems most likely that we will see another short-term extension like we've been experiencing for the past two years.
Immigration has been a hot topic of debate recently. We may see reforms to the EB-5 Program this December, including an increased minimum investment amount.