Minimal Investment for E2 Visa ?

Does anybody know about the minimal investment for getting E2 Visa? Everywhere, it's written that it should be more than $100 000. I also heard that they currently do not accept investment under $500 000.
I think that it depends on the consulate. I'm in France and was wondering if somebody knows about the truth??
Thanks in advance


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Please send me the following to :

* nationality (for E2 verification)
* your recent resume
* your special skills
* the business / business type you've in mind
* net worth {(assets+cash) - (laons+liabilities)}
* invest able money that you will be able to invest

and last but not least briefly what you want in life / your interest.

Just to let you know there're many frauds / schemes / scams in US and Canada. So just be careful.

Good luck :)