Middle name aren't the same on passport and Permanent Resident card


I'm Canadian and have a 10 year US permanent resident card through marriage. My first and last name are the same on both my US PR card and Canadian passport. My greencard has my name listed as my first name Middle inital and last name. My passport has two middle names. I have my two middle last name on all my canadian id's. I recently applied and received my Canadian passport and passport Canada called me and said that my middle names have to be listed as they appear on my birth certificate.

My green card is listed Mary # Last Name
Canadian passport is Mary #### #### Last Name

I wish I kept both my birth middle names on my United States ID's just so that there wouldn't be any confusion.

I'm planning a trip to Canada and just starting worrying that the middle name difference may cause a problem.... or I might just be overthinking it. I just haven't been back to Canada in over 10 years and just don't want to have any issues when I renter into the US.

If anyone has any insight or experience with this please let me know.