medical and EAD question??


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Hi experts

Please give me information about the medical needed for I-485, what all tests are needed. I am still waiting for my EB1-OR approval but planning to get the medical done and apply for the I-485.
another question is about EAD and AP. with this concurrent filling will they issue these both or only after the I-140 approval? and EAD validity is how long? for a yr?

thanks in advance


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Details about medicals and what is involved go to

You apply EAD & AP along with I485. How long it takes to get EAD???....i think 2 - 4 weeks. But someone in this forum got it in eight days before she/he got approved his/her I140 (concurent filing case). So i think you can get EAD even if you don't get I140 approved.


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thank you....

Thanks for the reply.
I want to know the time period validity of the EAD, I mean for how many months or a yr is EAD valid. and can one change job during this time, I read that its safe to change the job after 180 days.

I am still waiting for my EB1-OR to get approved



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EAD and Medical

EAD is good for 1 year, needs to be renewed every yr. In most cases, it gets renewed in the same process as it was applied, i.e. if application was in person, renewal in person also, if application in vermont via mail, then the card will arrive in mail and you will renew it in mail every year thereafter.

Currently it is not clear if the 180 day rule applies to the parallel cases. Since the 180 day rule assumed that the 140 application is approved, this leaves the concurrent filers in dilemma as to when exactly does the 180 day counter start ticking: Day one as you apply for 485 or after 140 is approved and 485 still pending. Basically we need to wait and see.

Yes you get the EAD before 140 (if u file using the concurrent filing process). It is taking approx. 2-3 months to get the EAD card.

Medical exam is a blood test to check for HIV and other infectious diseases. Approved Civil Sergeon takes a blood sample and sends in for testing. Shares the results with you, fills out the forms and puts in a sealed envelope which you are supposed to send to immigration (via lawer if applicable). It takes 2 days to get the results.

you will also need MMR vaccination proof, or get these vaccinations if dont have them, this record also goes to immigration.
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thank you for the info

thanks for the info, it will help me.
I will get the medical done sometime soon, still confused whether to go for concurrent filling of 485 since mine is EB1-OR, thinking to wait till it gets approved.


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I found this link on one of the thread. May be this will help you.

- Bhanu.