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Me and my wife both have J1 visa, can she switch to J2

Discussion in 'J-1 Home Residency Requirement' started by MassMed01, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. MassMed01

    MassMed01 New Member

    My wife and I both have separate J1 Visas. But my wife program is a 2-year program and mine is a 5-year program. After she is done with her program can she switch to a J2 visa under my J1?

    Also, does she needs to leave the country for this? Or can she stay in the US while we do all this process?

  2. CocoInTrouble

    CocoInTrouble New Member

    She has to leave the country to apply for the J2 and get it on the passport. It should be the home country. You cannot change status within the U.S.
    If you are using a J1 for studying at a university, you should ask the international advisors about your situation.

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