MBA Graduate looking for sponsorship (H1B, Green Card)

Discussion in 'Employment Information' started by desibalasa, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. desibalasa

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    Hello everyone!
    I graduated in December 2012 with a MBA from UMUC. I have work permit until March 2014 and have been applying for various Financial/Business Analyst positions. I have had some phone interviews but as soon as the recruiter found out I am not a citizen, he/she discontinued the interview. I have experience managing a franchise restaurant for the past five years and a stellar academic record. My resume shows I am not afraid to take a lead, I can multitask, drive results, etc. However, now I am wondering is the diploma enough? What are my chances of being hired as I completed my degree online and thus had not networked? What are my chances of being sponsored for H1B or a green card?
    Appreciate your time!
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    Very difficult to get hired without GC , my advise, go get married with a US citizen

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