Maybe our situation is not so bad after all


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You know, I came here in July 1992 with some of my friends. I was the only one who had to apply for asylum - everybody else were refugees. So while they received some kind of public assistance and went to language school, I started working after 5 days and stayed awake at night, worrying that INS will kick me out of the country(no way I could go back, it was impossible). I have to admit, that at the time I was a little envious, and felt that life is unfair. 10 years later, when I look around, I can see that I am probably better of than any of my friends.
I don\'t know if that true, that what do not kill us, make us stronger(yeah, and what kill us, kill us) or is that because I had to start work immediately and more aggressive. And without H1-B1 restrictions, I was able to make some career choices, but I definitely would not want to trade places with any of my friends(I am not talking about personal life, of course)
I still feel a little hurt when they proudly go to "US passport" line, I got stuck in INS special room, - but, hey, this means that they can carry my bag to the customs, while I getting my I-94 stamped.
All this BS from INS just makes us run faster and jump higher. If INS thinks that we are going to give up - think again.
I am wondering, if anyone else had the same experience.
PS: Don\'t you notice, how well educated we became in issues of immigration law?


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Thank your for optimistic outlook. I agree with you that things will work out. This is our permanent home--and that of our children.

BYW, do you mind telling us when were you granted asylum and the filing date for your I-485.

Thanks, good luck and hang in there.


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My asylum was approved on July 27 1997. I filed I-485 on August 1998 and my receipt day is October 1, 1998. I figured out, that it probably going to be 2 more years.


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I think 2 more years is too much. They should be working in your case, and your passport will be stamped very soon.

Somebody in this forum, who filed DEC/98 was already called for interview.


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Not with my luck. I half expect that at some point INS will inform me that they lost my file. It happened with me before. I filled an inquiry in February, and I probably will go again to follow up on my inquiry, but I am not hopeful