MAx stay on GC out of the country


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My father has been with me in India for 4 months and would like to stay for 10 months. Do we need to apply for an extension or is this ok. this is the first time he has stayed for more than a month. He is also eligible for USC. Will there be any problems during application of USC. Can we apply for USC from India. He plans to go back to the US


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No he cannot apply from India, he need to apply in his state of residence; and yes a 10-month absence will cause a problem for the naturalization application because if he is out the US longer than 6 months, he is presumed to break continuous his entire 5 year clock for naturalization will restart again from his next date of entry. Not really worth it in my opinion. Have him go back soon, start the process, and then once he is naturalized he can stay as long as he wants in India.


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No, he cannot apply for US Naturalization from another country. He needs to be in the US to apply for this US benefit, simple as that.

As a green card holder, he is expected to live in the US, with short trips abroad. Anything over 6 months will have the effect of breaking continuous residency, which makes him ineligible for Naturalization.