Marrying a Canadian Citizen


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I need to know how I can go abt after marryign a canadian citizen. I lived and worked in USA on H1b, came to pak got stuck in FBI background check lost job therefore H1B status and I am now in Pakistan. Now I want to marry a canadian citizen .

1) I want to know how long will it take to get PR of canada and citizenship from pak

2) How long will I have to wait here after marriage?

3) How much money etc etc I need to show?

3) What I need to do? apart from marrying.

4) After I get canadian citizenship after 3-4 years can I go to US? or will they again send my file to FBI name check division because of my Pakistani history.


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1- between 4 months to 1 year for PR and after having your PR for 3 years you will be eligable to apply for citizenship(ap 1 year processing time)

2-between 4 months to 1 year
3-your spouse must be in a position to support you(enough saving or income in canada)
4- provide any supporting document to proove you are in a geniune marriage
Marriage ceremony photos
Phone Bills...........

Your husband or wife in canad must provide Immigration canada application forms and ...... Canadian Embassy in your country will call you once
they approve your application.....

You will have to do Medical test.....
See immigration canada web site for more info


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thx alot yar

ehsan thx for letting me know the info on canada immigration....plz give any other advice you may have. :rolleyes:

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Do you want to settle in Canada or are seeking Canadian citizenship to get back into the US? I am not trying to judge you, but your line of questioning hints that. A Canadian citizen can sponsor you for an immigrant visa. Your Canadian spouse does not even have to meet income requirments to sponsor you. You will need to pass medical and security checks. After that you will be issued a Canadian immigrant visa.

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First of all, the US is not "wasting your life". You are making the choices of studying or working there. You are even willing to marry a Canadian citizen to get into the US, by your own admission.
Now this is what I think is happening. Someone with a similar name to you is on a watchlist or on some database. Or you have very common first and last names. Thus when you applied for your H-1B and F-1 visas, your name check did not complete in the "normal 72 hours". Unfortunately once someone goes beyond the "normal 72 hours", then it can be weeks or even months before one's name check is complete.
The US is not punishing you for a "mistake" or "gunnah". Nor is it penalising you for holding a Pakistani passport. It is just that there is a list of security requirements and somehow you are getting delayed in the process.
I immigrated to and naturalised in the US after 9/11. USCIS was aware of the fact that I held Pakistani citizenship (although I was using my Canadian one to immigrate). Not at any stage did I feel that I was being penalised for holding Pakistani citizenship. I have uncommon first and last names. My speedy name checks (for K-1, AOS and naturalisation) were probably due to that.
I hope your F-1 visa comes through before the fall semester. Good luck if you are serious about marriage. Just don't do it so that you can enter the US. No country is worth that much.


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Hello there
I'm a Macedonian Citizen who is in a relationship with a Canadian Citizen.We both met while working on a 6 months contract for a cruise ship and since then we are in a relationship.After we finished our contracts we still stay in touch trough every day internet communication.Our further plans is to get married so i was wondering if someone can please advise me what is the best option.In this time he already has a job in Canada and apartment ready for the 2 of us and my current plan is to go on another contract for the cruise line and once i finished the 6 months contract to go in Canada to visit him on my B1/B2 visa as i found out i can stay for up to 30 days in Canada.Now while my entry in Canada should i tell the immigration officer that i'm going to visit my boyfriend or should i not mention that?In meantime my plan is for that 1 month visit to get married with him and apply from there for PR so i was wondering if after 6 months of the application i can get a open work permit or is it better to go in Canada for one month visiting him and then come in my country together and married here.I know it sound too complicated but i just wanted to know which is the fastest way and the better option inland or out land application as for me it's not a big problem if i wait 2 years for the PR as long as after 6 months i can get a open work permit and start working there.
If someone has the similar experience would be much appreciate your help
Looking forward for any kind of advice
Tnx :)