marry to us person/while no current visa/no ss#/no work visa

marlene klein

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i would like to know how to marry a us man while i have no current visa or work visa or ss#. will i have to be sent back first to brazil. i now have a one year old baby and he is still married to his wife. what can i do.


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your boyfriend is a cad!

without referencing the immigration issues.
If your boyfriend is married to somebody else, and has been "seeing you" for more than a year, and is making babies with you, and is still married to someone else: he is a cad, a bounder and is not worth #@%&**$@#.

You need to consider what will marriage be like with him?
he will not stop the extramarital recreation just because he is married to you...

Get a clue! Show some self respect! You are worth more than just some rich man\'s throw-away playtoy!

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