Marry my American girlfriend, live in Germany, will I have to pay taxes?


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Hi there,
I'm an Australian and Italian citizen and I live and file my taxes in Germany.
Me and my American girlfriend want to get married. We want to go on living in Germany for now.
I don't plan on applying for American citizenship or living in America.
Is there any chance I will have to pay taxes to the U.S., or are there any other problems that could come up for us in this regard?


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Your partner would file as married filing separately. You shouldn't be on the hook for taxes, and unless she earns a tonne, she will likely not pay anything either.


only "US Persons" (US Citizen OR Permanent residents) need to file tax regardless where they are. Since you have not status with the USA (No visa), you have nothing to do with the USA. But your GF/wife would still have to file taxes wherever she is. So she should file under Married, filing separately.