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I currently have a concurrent H1-B filed under a company and it is valid till July 2010 which is the date my 6yrs of my H1 come to an end.

I also currently have a primary H1B with a different employer, which expires in Sept,2009. I also have an approved I-140 from my current employer. however, due to issues with my employer's practices, I would like to make my concurrent H1-B my primary H1-B.

I understand that this will automatically invalidate my I-140. I would be OK with that.

My question's are:
- what steps can I take/or are needed to make my concurrent H1 my primary H1?
- Can I seek a 3yr extension on my concurrent H1-B as my I-140 has been approved? Will it be a problem if I seek this 3yr extension on my concurrent H1-B.

I would highly appreciate any help any one can offer related to this. I have tried to contact the immigration offices of Rajiv Khanna, but haven't heard any feedback yet. I will keep trying to contact them, but I would love it if someone here could shed some light on this issue.

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At least your employer has to file new LCA with new employment conditions if working hour gets changed to go for primary.
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