Maintaining a valid Status/remain legal after opt expires



i am a F-1 student who is working with my OPT, which expires in two months , if the company does not decide to sponsor me, i know i could go back to school to get my PHD, and still be legal but if i cant go back to school and the 60 days period after opt expires passes, i would like to know what some other options i have if i would like to stay in the united states and still be legal. ? and can we apply for extension for F1 status if i was able to register for school because of deadlines. ??? Asking for my GF.


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You cannot apply for Extension of Stay for F1 since there is no need -- you already remain in F1 status indefinitely as long as you maintain a valid I-20 and comply with F1 rules. If you find a new school you can just transfer your F1 to that school and get a new I-20 with the same SEVIS number.

If you cannot find a school to transfer to by the end of your grace period, you can apply for Change of Status to B2 status before your grace period ends.