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Hello everyone,

I'm an international student and I recently lost my passport which has my f1 visa stamp on it. I have filed for a police report and I have applied for a new passport with the Indian embassy. But I am doing an internship this summer for which I need to apply for CPT and fill my I-9 form with the Employer. I'm worried on how this might impact my opportunity without my stamp and as my I-94 would have my previous passport's number and confused about what additional documents I need to go forward and secure my CPT. Talking to school authorities was of no help as they suggested to get help from an immigration lawyer.

Badly need guidance on this situation and help in knowing what all needs to be done to get my CPT approved.



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For the I-9, you can use your I-94 plus your I-20 without a passport, as a List C document. Combined with a List B document like a state driver's license, that is sufficient for the I-9. See this question from the I-9 Central FAQ:
Can an F-1 student eligible for on-campus employment or curricular practical training present a List B document, such as a driver's license or school ID, along with a Form I-94 and Form I-20 as a List C document when completing Form I-9?

Yes. Form I-94, in combination with Form I-20 is an acceptable List C #7 document. The documents individually do not qualify.
Even though the CBP's I-94 website's electronic I-94 has a passport number, the I-94 is not specific for a certain passport. So if you get a new passport, you should have no problem using the new passport plus the I-94 and I-20 as a List A document.