Lost Job: I-485 was pending more than 180 Days


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Hi All,
With a broken heart, I am posting the questions. I lost my job last week on July 01, 2024. My I-485 was pending and it just completed 185 days when I lost my job. I was on TN Visa and I already have EAD and my wife has EAD as well. I have the below queries if experts of this forum can answer and help me. I will be very thankful to you

1- What options do I have right now?
2- Since the market is very bad right now and How long can I stay in the USA to search for a new job?
3- Can I use my EAD card for new job?
4- While searching for new job, if I my I 485 get approved, will it be a problem?
1/3. Since you have an EAD, you can work anywhere until your I-485 is determined.
2. The market is not "really bad", but don't give up.
4. It is not likely to be approved, since your sponsor has dropped you. You would need to find a job soon in the same line of work and use I-140 portability.

Since you are no longer on TN, it would be best to ask questions on a forum specializing in I-140 portability, and I-485 questions.