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lost green card and need to travel...is it possible to get stamp on passport???help.thanks

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by eliasfile, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. eliasfile

    eliasfile New Member

    lost my green card and need to travel in 4 weeks..help please!
    hi,so i lost my green card and i need to travel to brazil sep 15. i filed i-90 for new green card and i just recieved the (i-797 notice of action)in the mail. i havent recieved the biometrics appointment letter yet and i need to travel. is there any way i can get a stamp or any kind paperwork to travel? by the way iam located in san francisco,ca if that helps. thank you
  2. jessicapotter

    jessicapotter Registered Users (C)

    You could have filed in to get a re-entry permit, but given that you need to travel on Sept 15, I don't think you will be able to get one that soon. I would suggest that you take a copy of the I-797 with you in case you face any issues at the POE while returning back to the US.
  3. GCman2005

    GCman2005 Banned

    @ jessicapotter : if you dont know, dont answer. no one in the world will let him board a plane with a notice of action which is not evidence of green card. You could have said I dont know.
    @eliasfile :no make infopass appointement as soon as possible and go to immigration center, they will put a stamp on your passport. dont forget to bring the notice of action with you
  4. eliasfile

    eliasfile New Member

  5. olyn

    olyn Registered Users (C)

    travelling out of usa

    I entered USA in Nov, already have GC and SSN card.
    Travelling back to my country for four months to attend to urgent bussiness before coming back to settle.
    I have not apply for re-entry permit.
    Will I have problems coming back?
  6. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Nope, 4 months is fine. Take proof of ties to the US just in case, and any proof of your reason for staying out for 4 months. Chances of you being grilled are very low, but better to be safe.
  7. jessicapotter

    jessicapotter Registered Users (C)

    No problem!

    You will not have any problems in re-entering the country after your trip, as you will be out of the US only for 4 months. When the duration of trips outside the US extend to 6 months or longer, then the problem arises. Otherwise you are fine with your green card.
  8. follardstuart

    follardstuart Registered Users (C)

    Yes, it is right that you can travel other countries if you lost your green card but passport is necessary. Passport is your identity which is useful to keep with you especially when you are planning to travel outside from country.

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