lost extension approval notice, what to do?

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    Gurus please help!
    My mom visited US once before and the extension of her stay was filed timely and approved by INS in 2002. After she went back and stayed in our home country for more than 3 years, we are inviting both my parents on visitor visas (my dad never visited US) and their applications for B2 visitor visas were rejected because we did not provide the copy of my mom's extension approval notice! We made a grave mistake by not copying the original approval notice and we put the whole page in her passport while she left USA and apprently the immigration officer took the whole page out. Now the visa interview officer in our embassy told them if they could provide a copy of the approval notice, their applicaitons would be granted next time. We searched on the Internet and found that there is one application of I-824 to apply for a duplicated approval notice. But our questions are:
    1) On the USCIS webpage regarding using I-824 to ask for duplicates, there is one requirement saying "You must file Form I-824 while the original application or petition is still in effect in order to receive a duplicate approval notice." Her extension approval was more than 3 years ago with only 6 month valid extension and she did not overstay even by one day. Does this requirement mean that we can not get a duplicated approval notice from USCIS for her extension approval notice?
    2) If we can apply for a duplicate, how long does the process of the application take?
    3) If we can not apply for a duplicate, what alternative documents we should provide in order to get the visas?

    Thanks. Please please help here!:(
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    I am also in the same situation


    I am also in the same exact situation. My parents are going to apply for B2 visa again now. My mom visited us from 9/2002 to 5/2003 and i applied for extension of B2 visa for her in 3/2003. The approval came in 5/2003 after she left USA. Meanwhile i have lost the B2 visa extension approval notice now. She needs to take this approval notice now to Chennai consulate.

    I tried getting the copy of the cheque , using which i paid the fee for B2 visa extension. The fee was $140 in year 2003. Once i get the copy of the cheque , i intend to apply for I-824 for getting the duplicate approval notice. This process might take any where 1-3 months.

    Let me know if you have any other suggetions.
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    An affidavit may be your only choice if a copy of the I-539 cannot be obtained.
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    Could you please share if you were able to apply for duplicate or any alternatives that worked for you? My parents also lost this document and I am at a loss on how to obtain a duplicate since I do not have any information from their original petition for extension of stay (this was in 2001). Appreciate your response
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    We are in same situation ...Did you find any alternatives??
    Please let us know.

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    That post is over 6 years old! The poster hasn’t been back to the forum since then.

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