Looking for a temporary accomodation in Montreal from Dec 28 for 1-2 weeks


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I recently got a job in Montreal and moving from USA to Canada (I am a landed immigrant landed in 2001 and then moved back to USA)

My office is in Ville St Laurent and I am starting for Montreal on 28th Dec ,one week before my joining date just to ensure that I am getting enough time to get a apartment.
In the mean time I took paid membership in 247apartments.com and called up several leasing offices close to my office area and also schedule appointment with them.Only problem is as I stayed in USA for last two years and never really lived in Canada for more than one month at a particular place apartment leasing office will check my credit history in USA which will take minimum 5-7 business days .That means I need to stay in hotel/motel for atleast one week.Could you suggest me any cheap desi motel/welcome house where I can stay initially for 7-10 days and search for the aprtment(I am looking for family accomodation as my wife and 4 year old son will accompany me).If I reserve a standard hotel/motel that will cost me minimum 90-100 CDN$ per night which will be little bit expensive for me so looking for a cheaper accomodation around Montreal area staring from Dec 28,2003
Will appreciate your help


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hi.,i am also in a similar situation., can you guide me to a website/place where i can find short term housing until i find permanent location.