Living with an undocumented relative


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I know a couple who are grandparents and are applying for citizenship. They have lived with their daughter and her child for the last 3 years. The daughter is undocumented (overstayed her tourist visa 4 years ago). The child is a citizen.
They are concerned because they have not only lived with her all this time, but they have filed taxes and received that Earned income credit for the child in the last few years. The child qualifies for the credit and the tax benefits are legit. But they are just concerned that the USCIS officer would simply raise questions at the citizenship interview about why they lived with the undocumented relative and even cared for the child and included the child in tax forms. They know USCIS reviews all tax forms and are just concerned. Should they?....i mean why else could they have done. Deport their own daughter?...any information is greatly appreciated.


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I don't think applicants need to send in tax return forms for review unless they check Yes to question 4,5,13,14 or they filed applicationbased upon marriage with a US citizen for 3 years.

As for children, they shoud list their daughter under Part 9
with the following information: name, dob, USCIS A#, country of birth, current address. There is no question about childrens's immigration
status. I am not sure if an IO will bother to investiagte if he/she sees country of birth is not USA and USCIS A# is blank