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I have an opportunity of long term travel to Australia.. I'm working as IT consultant. I believe this is long term so should be on work permit...

I'd like to know..
1. How safe is it for me to live in Australia ? (Which regions ?) Also, will it be fair to take my parents there ?
2. Will I be able to apply for PR / permanent residence ? That is an assured stay of >15 years even if I have to apply for a job there..
3. What are the (average) tax, rental & travel rates... Will I have to own a car ?
4. Chances are that if I travel through my company I'm paid lower... but if I apply to a new company say after a couple of years, can I get more salary... ?



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Well dude! I have spent a lot of time in Australia with my friends and have lot of fun in according to me one of the beautiful and pretty country even then every tourists have like that country.So if any body wants to share any information about it then please share me dude??????????????????:):):):):)


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Why are you asking if it is safe for you to travel and live in Australia,is something different in you or you have just heard some pointless stories?


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IF the OP still needs answers to any questions he/she may have, please repost here (perhaps try to explain what exactly what your plans are), then I am happy to point you in the right direction and give you some solid feedback. I have lived in Australia for over ten years and made the journey from student to permanent resident to citizen.
Living and working in Australia is a dream of many but only a fortunate few are able to realize it. Even though Australia is an expensive place to live in the remunerations provided to those working in there is enough to compensate the living expenditure and also to save much

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Dear if you Want to live in Australia then you must have 3-4 year of Working experience. & also for Australian PR Visa, Australia has point System that you must be Qualify so check your eligibility for australia visa from Immigration firm/ Experts.


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Living and working in Australia is a dream of many but its visa process having Lot of restriction from govt side


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I applied student visa of australia. i got email from dibp n they said v called u on 2nd 4th n 5th june but u didnt attend call. (But i didnt recive any call) and they have given me 28 days time to comment on it. They asked for written explination.

So i replied them with my call log that i didnt recive any call. Its been 1 week now. They didnt reply yet. How long they can take for reply. Its been 20days i replied.