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Sorry, I probably wasn't clear in my original question. Since, I don't plan to send the originals US passports with the application (will send them after the application is approved) -- can I send the original PIO card of my kid later as well OR should I send the original PIO card with the application (even if I'm not including the original US passports)?

Based on the link and quote provided by akgarg it is clear that you HAVE to send the PIO card only at the later stage (along with original US passports). So there should be no debate left on "Can you send the original PIO card later?" since "You have to send the PIO card later". You were very clear in your original question and the response from akgarg was also very clear but I suppose you did not interpret his answer/quote correctly. I hope this post eliminates the confusion :) .


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Thanks to both you & akgarg clearing the confusion :). I had missed the "...once OCI status is accorded" part.


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4. Organize:

Always remember, 2 sets of application forms, signed/thumbprinted in original.
2 sets of documents - one for each application form.

For the documents to enclose, treat as if every family member was applying separately. This suggestion is for enclosures only, the application forms still remain only 2 sets.

Since each family member gets their own registration number when you register online, so verification of documents in Delhi for each family member could potentially be done by different people.

Therefore separate out the docs into separate sets, one "COMPLETE SET of enclosures" for each family member.

e.g., for your kids, put another photocopy of your foreign and Indian passport in his/her set of enclosures also, since their requirements need proof of parents being eligible for OCI.

Use a lot of paper clips :)

A couple of questions regarding organizing the application packet...
  • I assume that for each applicant, I seperate out the two application sets (one copy of the application + one copy of the enclosures will be one set)
  • Is it fine to use staples instead of paper clips? Currently, I have way too many paper clips & it's challenging to pack the bundle of papers/clips into a USPS flat-rate envelope.


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I am filling out the OCI application. Part B asks for details about family members staying in India - I assume this applies only for spouse and kids and not parents or siblings - is that correct?


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I am filling out the OCI application.

Part B asks for details about family members staying in India - I assume this applies only for spouse and kids and not parents or siblings - is that correct?
--------- you can write the info about your father or mother or brother or sister or any close relative.


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Hopefully this saves others some frustration.
1) When applying for a renewal of OCI on a new passport for a minor, include 2 copies of both parents passport and OCI cards. The checklist does not mention this, and my daughter's application was returned back to me after 45 days. I also had to send them an additional $10 + my mailing charges to mail the updated package back to the consulate.
2) When mailing the new passport for the new OCI sticker, also send in the old passport + old OCI card for cancellation. Once again, there is no mention of this anywhere.


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Hi Ginnu
Can you please let me know should we mark "Yes" or "No" for Question # 16 in Part-B of the OCI application? "Does the country of applicant(s) permit dual citizenship in some form or the other? if no, give specific details." Does US law permits dual citizenship?



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Dear Friends,

Please support the petition opposing renunciation of Indian citizenship at

with the subject: Opposition to mandatory renunciation of Indian Citizenship and request to consider OCI as a "standalone" document and make it a success by posting atleast 50000 signatures by July 15 2010.

Please circulate this url to all your friends by email.




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SF Travisa experience Apr-June 2011 and Checklist

Based on my recent experience (Apr-June 2011) at Travisa SF, I am posting a Checklist for preparing the OCI application, with the hope that it will probably benefit other readers.

1. Follow the most current requirements/guidelines available on Travisa's website:

2. Photograph specific: Take passport pictures with a light colored background e.g. light blue. You can submit regular passport photographs and hope that they work, as some folks have reported getting their OCIs with these, but the risk is greater. If the photographs with a white background get rejected there is no clear communication protocol defined and you will be chasing the travisa/consulate folks to get an answer.

3. If you live within commute distance drop of your OCI application in person and pick it up in person. You can save anywhere from a couple of weeks to 4 weeks by doing so.

4. If you choose to mail and receive your Passport/OCI by mail use a track-able method like FedEx or USPS priority mail. There are far too many stories that have been posted here which report that Travisa's mail room is sub par and they claim that they have mailed out documents when they are in fact sitting in their mail room.

5. Once your application is accepted by Travisa you can track the status of your application here:

6. Once your application gets dispatched to the consulate/embassy, you should be checking your status at the MHA website: as Travisa's website will not be reflecting the status during this time.

7. If you have the need to do any kind of follow-up about your application with the Consulate or Travisa, you will most likely get a better response by talking to someone at the Consulate. Emails are almost always ignored and not responded to, both by Travisa and the Consulate.

8. If you are in a time crunch and hoping to get the OCI back within the time-frame posted on Travisa's website, then you would probably be better off not applying or applying only when you have plenty of time to spare. The posted time-frame does not factor in for delays, and is no where near correct.

San Francisco Travisa office neighborhood specific info :

Parking: Fifth and Mission parking garage, nearest safe parking garage, charges 3.50 an hour

Travisa office is about 2 blocks down on Mission from this garage.

If you have time to kill or are waiting to pick up documents, you can use one of the following options -

1. Lobby of San Francisco Marriott Marquis. The plaza level has shops, Starbucks, free wifi, clean restroom facilities and you can easily kill time here. If you need to make copies or printouts or use a computer there is a FedEx Kinkos, on level B1, the basement.

2. Metreon

3. Yerba Buena Gardens
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I am planning to send my renunciation and OCI application together. I have the application and supporting documents ready but would like to clarify few things before I send it out.

1. Do I need to put in 2 prepaid envelopes or just one?
2. What about notorization as I went through the instructions and could not find anything in it. Do we need that?

I tried both the phone numbers on their contact us page but both NY numbers are not working. :mad: