Life without the Birth Certificate


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Does anyone have a chance to file I130 for their siblings if the sponsor and the beneficiary don't have birth certificates? Should the case be deemed useless since they don't have BC's?

Has anyone faced this situation (that is going for I130 & CP w/o BC's) especially those from India?

Any advice/suggestions are welcome.

Appreciate your time


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No its not useless. There are some ways to get a registeration of birth record. Also you must use school certificates to show common names of either of the parent. You may also get affidavits from folks who are aware of the birth/relationship.


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A DNA test can be used to prove the sibling relationship, if other evidence is insufficient.

But don't assume that their lack of a birth certificate right now means they can't get one. It may be possible for them to get birth certificates issued by the relevant authorities where they were born.