Leaving the USA.

Hello everyone.

I have a bit of a different question.
Now please don’t scold me, I know it was wrong, but I’ve overstayed twice now.
Im from Germany. First I came with the ESTA Visa Waiver program. Overstayed a bit and had to get a visa in Frankfurt. Now I’ve overstayed again for half a year. Reasons are personal because I have family here. But that’s not the issue.

The question is, how can I leave? I’m in Florida, and want to fly to South Korea next month. Permanently leaving the USA.
Can i fly from Florida to California and then to Korea, or will they detain me in Orlando? Should I drive by train to San Francisco and leave from there? I’m pretty sure the US has a no deny of exit policy. But I’m not sure.
I just want to know if I can fly domestically from Florida to California and then to Korea, or from California to Korea.
Anyone know if they will detain me anywhere?
I have no criminal record or anything, just overstayed my visa.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long text.


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Your bigger issue might be the domestic leg from Florida to CA while being out of status. Might be better off flying direct from the US internationally, such as from Atlanta to Seoul.
Thank you all for your quick responses.
I feel more positive about this now.
And I will look into a non stop flight from Atlanta. I didn’t expect there was one.

I also want to apologize for staying longer than I was supposed to. My actions are bad and are a reason it might be more difficult for others to obtain visas nowadays.
They'll not detain you if I'm not wrong coz as per allllaw sight, overstaying more than 180 days will bar you from re-entering US for 3 years. If you don't plan on coming back to US, I don't think you should worry much. Travel away :)