Lease Agreements & Naturalization Interview


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Just out of curiosity. On the N-400 you have specify all the addresses where you lived since becoming LPR.

What if some of those addresses and stays were conducted on verbal agreement only? I have nothing on paper for few of those addresses, is that a potential problem?


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Yes. Less than 6 months.

NJN400, I don't think they even care about "current address". My dad never changed his DL (it still had his old address) and the only concern they showed was the length of his trip (he was outside the US for 4 months).


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For marriage-based naturalization cases they often request some kind of mortgage/lease document as part of the evidence of both of you living in the same place, with the expectation that both spouses' names are on the documents. But for other naturalization cases they usually don't care unless you've taken long trips that may break continuous residence.

However, note that they sometimes use background check services which can investigate where you've lived or worked, independent of you providing documents of your residences. Somebody on the forum reported having problems when the interviewer knew about one of his/her prior addresses which was not listed on the N-400.