LCA - NAICS code


We are a small company and manage multiple lines of businesses, from placement to training, software development, quality assurance, and IT consultation.

On the LCA, we have declared that we are a computer design service (NAICS 541512) organization. which is one of the LOBs that we manage

couple of questions that I have:

1) will we be required to provide supporting documents (as a proof that we are a Computer design services) when filling for the H1B petition? if yes, can you please give some examples of the supporting documents

2) The other LOBs are generating more revenue for us compared to what we have used for LCA. The reason we used computer design services was that that was closest to the H1B requirements that we currently have.
In your expert opinion, will it cause any issues for us? if it will, any suggestions on how to address it

Thanks in advance