layoff 2 months after 485 approval


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My 485 got approved in May - are there any issues that anyone is aware of that could jeoparidize the GC? I still don't have the physical card yet (only stamp on PP). Also, I am planning to file for unemployment.

Any help would be appreciated.


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No one is aware

of any problem. However, I remember reading a lawyer saying that if the layoff was because of poor performance, then there could be a problem. Two months seems ok time, and I still need to hear about a case of someone whose GC got revoked because of being laid off, or having quit their jobs too early. The sentiment in this board is that if one is laid off, there is no bad consequences for the GC. No problem about collecting unemployment insurance. Said all that, I wouldn't worry about the GC now and I'll focus about finding a new job.

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