Landing in Vancouver...sponsered from Toronto


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My father has sponsored my Mother and Sisiters PR visas.... applied from Toronto. They have got their visas but would like to land in Vancouver first as my sister wants to check out universities there and meet up with some family friends.( she doesnt want to go to Toronto first). If she likes it there she will stay on and my mother will continue to Toronto. Do they need any letter, etc from my dad or they just land and give a temporary Vancouver address for PR cards?

Appreciate all your help!



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You can land anywhere in Canada. There is no restriction. At the time of landing, you can provide your dad's Toronto address or any address. I would suggest to be truthful and confident if they ever ask you why you are landing at Vancouver. In my personal experience, I have never heard them asking immigrants why they are landing at a different city ( In my case, I had put Toronto in my application and landed in Van city).