Land Border Entry After I-212 Waiver Approval, No I-94, No Fingerprint, No Stamp, is it Normal?


I was placed in a removal proceeding years ago before I became a Canadian citizen, and left the US (about 8 years ago) before they made a final decision on it (it was an abandoned asylum claim).

I came to know later that I was under 10 year ban, so the ban would technically be over in 2 years; I decided to apply for I-212 waiver after I became a Canadian citizen (I didn't need I-192 since I never accumulated unlawful presence over 360 days and I do not have criminal record, so the waiver is purely for removal), and it was granted just two weeks ago (I applied early March 2018, submitted a bunch of documents, personal statement and and got fingerprinted).

I went to Niagara Falls, NY over this last weekend, and after some processing (they were initially confused because they didn't see a lot of I-212, since), they let me in.

But what's surprising for me was the fact that they were only asking some simple questions in secondary (like when I left, my citizenship, my job, how much money I'm carrying, etc), and they just let me in without fingerprinting, nor was I given a stamp or I-94.

Is this normal?

Are Canadian citizens typically just let in through land border without any stamping or paper I-94? How do they keep track of my departure?

When I asked, they told me I didn't need it, but reminded me to always show the waiver every time I tried to gain entry. When I checked my I-94 record only, it said record not found. My arrival was recorded, but my departure was not recorded (I left Niagara, NY back to Niagara, ON on the same day).

Thanks a lot.


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Canadian visitors can be admitted without an I-94, especially when entering by land, but I thought they often give electronic I-94s nowadays even when entering by land.
I knew I was never given even the electronic I-94 because I could not retrieve it online. I could see my entry on that day online though (though no departure).

My friend who went with me (not a Canadian citizen) was fingerprinted and given I-94. I just thought it was interesting that they did no such thing to me (this was my first entry to the US as a Canadian citizen, so I wasn't really sure of how the process would entail).