Laid Off

Hello Rajiv Ji
Current condition:
I came to the US on H1b in 2010. My i140 got approved in Dec 2013. I joined a new employer on 21 Feb 2020. My H1B got approved till 20 Feb 2023. Unfortunately, I got laid off due to COVID-19 and my employer notified USCIS on 8th June 2020 to revoke my visa. My priority is to find a new job. But in case I do not find any job I would like to move out of the USA, I do not want to accrue unlawful days. But, due to the COVID-19 situation in India, I am scared to travel to India.
Another issue is that my employer never received Receipt notice of my wife and my elder son for H4B. My younger son is born in the USA. But my H1B received approval for 3 years. I called USCIS and emailed USCIS on to notify me of the receipt number of my wife and son. But I have not received any response.

Q1. I want to stay in the USA until the COVID-19 situation becomes normal. How can I change my status to some other visa category? I do not want to accrue unlawful days for me and my family? And move out of the USA Once it is safe. Please guide me.
Q2. Where to apply for the change of status?
Q3. Once USCIS acknowledges the H4 application and generates the Receipt number. Then there is the process of biometric appointment. Can we change the H4 application address to India Address?
Q4. What will happen to the H4 of my family if we leave the USA without waiting for the Receipt notice? Should we stay in the USA until we receive the receipt notice?
Q5. Going to India is a very hard decision because kids’ education will be impacted. Would you suggest me to go with the EAD under special circumstances?
Please give me your advice?