Laid off after GC interview

I am on an L1A EB1C GC path (PD Oct 2017). My 140, EAD, AP, 485 were all filed concurrently and I think by the summer of 2018, I had received approvals on all but 485 which had retrogressed by then. I had my GC interview in March 2019 but was soon laid off. It took me almost 6 months to land another job of similar nature (I did not claim any unemployment comp). Given the USCIS, probably through the Labor Department, will be able to piece together my length of unemployment, does anyone have any fact-based opinion on the challenges this may pose to my GC application? I do not have any clue when I will get the GC, very likely sometime in 2022, but I am hoping I will stay employed with the same company until then. Hopefully, that helps me a little.