Lack of Emotional Intelligence(Moron)

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I wanted to share my experience as an Employee in H1B Status.
If you are not aware of what you do you would end up as a Moron .I always had difficulty in making up decisions and I would go for advice with my colleagues
Many of them would be really skillful in giving bad advice in the name of right conduct and ethics.
For Example one accountant / HR manager would show me the confidential Information of unethical conduct and ask me to confront the boss thus satisfying his need .So I took the high Road and got eliminated and later the Boss also. Thus he gets the job done all in the name of doing “Right”.

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just like anywhere else you have to be careful. the workplace can be a cutthroat environment. perhaps you have a trusting nature, that's not bad, but unfortunately there are those that are not trustworthy. people sometimes feel that americans are all above behavior like that described above, but humans are humans no matter where you go. there are those that just have low morals with regards to how they treat others and will take advantage of whomever. they view kindness as a weakness. as such it's no different here than anywhere else. where money is involved especially so.