L2 Visa/ Valid EAD/ Recent Expired I 94


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Hello Rajiv I want suggestion on the following situation and guidance.

I have a L2 ( dependent Visa) and I am working. We recently figured out though I have a valid EAD ( valid from 2020 till 2022) my I 94 has Expired on Jan 28, 2021, which was a miss as we were under impression since EAD is valid it has automatic extension.

I have following questions

* Can I continue to be on payroll ( based on understanding that I have 180 days)? As my EAD is also valid.
* I have already filled DS 160 for an appointment at US embassy in India and will be flying on 1st April.
* Is there any risk associated, as it was a genuine miss and can I fill I 539 now ? Is there any case for that as I have missed timeline ?

Just to share further background, My wife ( primary L1) petitioner filed for transfer case ( company name change) but her extension also came along with that, based on which I got my EAD renewed.

Look forward to your suggestion and advice and Thanks for the community help.