L2 EAD extension while L1 being extended - can we do multiple L2 EAD application?


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Hi all - my L1 is due extension in Jan-2019, so is my wife's L2 EAD.

There are 2 options people have talked about to get the L2 EAD extended without a discontinuity of dependent's job

1. Concurrent filing of L2 EAD along with L1 extension - However, most employer won't allow this (neither is mine)
2. Applying L2 EAD with the L-1 extension receipt - However, one may just get a denial in the end and lose the time on waiting after L1 extension is approved. Yes, RFE's could be issued in this case, but starting 11-Sep with the new RFE policy, it's likely that USCIS would give a direct denial as essential documents are not submitted. So this is not an option either.

I am considering if there is a 3rd option to make 2 applications. I.E. we follow the #2 above, - but once the L1 extension gets approved, make ONE MORE fresh L2 EAD application (with another processing fee) with all documents. The pros of this approach is that it's a win-win situation and only thing to lose is the processing fee.

1. IF the original L2 EAD application itself is approved on the ground of the L1A receipt and approval status in USCIS system> The 2nd application just becomes duplicate, but it can't deny your already approved L2 EAD
2. IF the original L2 EAD application itself is denied > The 2nd application becomes a re-application with all documents, - yes this then dont get the time advantage, but atleast you didn't lose time waiting for the first application that eventually would have got rejected?

Let me know if this is a legal option or not? Is there any reason I should not be doing this.... what happens when there are 2 application filed for the same beneficiary and class? Has anyone done this?