L2 dependent stay while L1 is out of Us


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My husband is on L1 valid till Apr 2021. He will be traveling to India for a week due to project change . He will not be on US payroll for one week when he is india. I am on L2 and wanted to know if I can stay back in US without him for a week.Please advise.

Hello Nami
If the L1 holder leaves for more than a vacation (ie: goes off the payroll) then L2 is immediately out-of-status. The key is the purpose of your departure. If you are leaving for a temporary period only, and remain employed with the company, L2 should be able to remain and work in the United States. You are a derivative of your spouse L-1 Visa status.

So to answer your question Yes you can stay back in US without him as long as your spouse is on a US payroll.