L1B Visa Expired, Extension Denied, I94 Valid until 2019, Am i legal to work & Stay

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    Hi All,

    Greetings for the day !!

    Here is the series of events :

    Came to USA on L1B Blanket - Aug'2014
    Visa Expired - Aug'2017
    Visa Extension filed for L1B Individual - Jul'2017 (extension was filed so that i can travel for personal purposes)
    I-94 Validity - Nov'2019 (I traveled to India in 2016 and was given I-94 for 3 years)
    Visa extension rejected - Mar'2018 (case status says I-129 denied, i am yet to receive the detailed explanation)

    Question - Am i legally allowed to stay and work in USA until the expiration date of I-94 i.e. Nov'2019?

    Appreciate all the help.

    Thanks !!

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