L1 visa under necessary AP

I had my L1 B Blanket visa interview on 31 May 2014. The officer and I had a five minute discussion with over 10 questions and satisfactory answers from me and he seemed convinced. I specialize in 2 business tools critical for revenue enhancement for the client. I have developed and customized it for over 3 years for over 15 US clients. He seemed to type in a lot of information on the computer and handed me a blue 221 G sheet marked with the 214 and 101 clause and returned my passport and 2 copies of the I129 stamped 'Not clearly approvable' He dint say if the visa was approved or rejected or is under AP. He dint not make any comment in the end.

On the CEAC website my case shows as under necessary administrative processing.
The consulate at my country reported my case is 221 G hold due to 214 clause.

Is my application being considered or is it a denial?

Pointers greatly appreciated