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I am starting a tracker for Kooritzky cases.
Samuel Kooritzky was a lawyer in Arlington, VA area who was charged for fraud in August 2002.
Please post your details if your I-140 was initially approved, but received Intent to Deny notice from BCIS since BCIS wanted to double check the authenticity of all the cases which were being handled by Kooritzky.
Is there anyone whose RFE reply was sent sometimes around April 2003 and got approved?

for I-140 RFE (Intent to Deny)
RD April 23rd 2003
AD No approval yet.

for I-485
RD Jan 2002
ND Feb 2002


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I know the guy who was out of status and gave some big bucks to Kooritzky so that he can get chance to apply under 245 (i) extention in april 2001.

His I 140 was approved and applied for I 485. Then his Lawyer was arrested. After then he hasnot received anything from BCIS. However federal government sent him an inquary form . Perhaps federal government is trying to give them refund.


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you are wrong.
Not giving him refunds but asking him to claim his file from the US attorney office or the lawyer who has been appointed by US att. Office to take care of kooritzky cases.


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You mean some kooritzky are approved also. What is the status of all clients who did not get 245i benifet because of kooritzky???. Is there any appeal pending or any one got chance to reapply?
kooritzky case

Hello, I wonder if someone who applied with kooritzky and was disapproved due to fraud Kooritzky committed kooritzky by the labor department has been able to start another case under 245i or what happened to all those people that your case was filed because kooritzky fraud .