K3 Question Regarding Stepchild


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I am a US citizen and I married my wife in the Philippines. She had a daughter (5 yo). I filed out I-130's for both of them which were approved then sent to the US Embassy in Manila so that my wife could schedule an interview. I received the email saying that she can schedule. My question is about my stepchild (her daughter). I've received no correspondence saying anything about her other than USCIS approved and sent the package to the Embassy. How will I get an update on my stepdaughter? Will she be able to travel with her mom?


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I would like to see response to this question. Does your stepchild's biological father get involve in Visa approval process or not? I am in pretty much same scenario. I have my Spouse in India who is Signle Mother of 10 years old Boy. I need to know if Immigration process going to get any kind of involvement of his biological father in the approval process for his Visa or not. His Biological father is not at all currently invovles in his life. He has not even seen him after he was born. Just want to to get the information about that.