k1 visa , asylum , after trump?please read and give suggestions


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i was a muslim and left islam 5 years ago and became christian, applied for asylum on that base ,as my country is very religious and i have fear of procecution... so asylum got approved, i got green card and becoming citizen in 5 months, praise the lord.

problem is that my girlfriend is back home in pakistan, and over there a non-muslim man cannot legally marry a muslim girl..I am planning to go back for quick visit and get formally engaged once i am citizen...but i have been hearing trump that why there are k1 visa etc and also a muslim ban from specific countries , i would assume pakistan is on top of list,,,grrrrr...you think if we have engagement photos and family photos, how tough is it to go this route? do i have any other option ?

or should i tell her to apply visa to some third country like singapore, and we marry there and then she comes back pakistan and apply i 130 ?

would consular make it an issue that why she wants to marry a non-muslim? because her family isnt aware of that i am not muslim but she is....
my head is spinning i am 32 y.o now and have never married and i really want to marry her....typing this with tears in my eyes...please help