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k1 hold / pending application

Discussion in 'K Visa and Related Issues at the Consulates' started by ommm, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. ommm

    ommm New Member

    Hello. our petition was sent back to uscis under 221g last year July 2015.However, we give another shoot to k1 visa as she got some compulsion to marry me in India. This time they just gave me white slip which however does not say 221g but says AP and state that the consulate will contact me as soon as the AP done. my petition is about to expire have and I still to notify about their final decision. Don't know if my petition will extend or not.
  2. Lunamyst

    Lunamyst New Member

  3. Lunamyst

    Lunamyst New Member

    Go to your immigration center...make an appointment first....if it is still under review they will give you an extension. Make sure they give you a letter stating that so you have a copy for your files as well as sening it in an email to the consulate for added protection
  4. mark80

    mark80 New Member

    If I am engaged but not married, do I need the k1 visa to travel to the United States?
  5. figwit

    figwit New Member

    Hi Mark,
    you probably can try a tourist B-1 visa to come for a visit to the US. But you will eventually need a k-1 visa.
  6. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    You may apply for a K1 visa if your fiance is a USC. One of the requirements is the beneficiary must marry the petitioner within 90 days of entering the US.

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