just got email that plastic card has been mailed


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Some happy news this afternoon..

got email that plastic cards are being mailed for my wife and me ,,, no status change for 2 year kiddo...(thts fine she wont notice.... shes still happy)

never thought in my childhood the power of such plastics............

MI2_Chimera said:
congrats, Ziad.. I am still wating for a update..Did stamping on July 12th.. No lud change after that..


I am going to Tampa on 18th July 2005 for passport stamping so will be interested to see how long it is before you get actual green card

Regards Sue

I 485 nd 14th Aug 2003

fp Sept 2003

2nd FP March 2005

Ref June 2005 medical and W2

I 485 approved 23rd June 2005


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I and my wife did our Passport Stamping on 6/27/05.
Card Ordered : 07/08/05
Card Mailed : 07/13/05
Card Recd : ??/??/??