!!!JULY'07 2nd Filers (TCS) Post your Case updates!!!


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!!!JULY & AUGUST 07 - I485 Filers (TCS) Post your Case updates!!!

Hi Folks
Please post your case updates if your case is at Texas Service Center as there is no seperate thread for JulY/AuGUST 07 - 485 filers to monitor TSC aproach on our cases.

If anyone get their 485 approval or RFE's, please notify us on this post.

My case was filed on July 2nd 2007 and I got reciept notice on Sept 4th, Sept 22 - FP and in week from then me my wife got our EAD cards.

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What's the reason for starting this thread?

Did you not notice, that there is already a 3+ pages long TEXAS thread for everyone who filed in May/June/July of 2007.

You may want to post your info there, instead of creating a new one.


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The reason I started this thread is firstly as there is no seperate thread for only July/August 07 - 485 filers and secondly I have been hearing about lot of approvals on the cases from last year (06) therefore I wanted to keep a check on whether TSC is only processing cases from last year as per processing date or they are also approving some from July/August 07.

So PLEASE July/August 07 filers please post your case upates in this thread so that we could track TSC movement on JULY/AUGUST CASES EXCLUSIVELY OVER HERE